Ana Parra is a native of Murcia, based in Logroño, who plans to travel over 4,000 km on her bike: Bordeaux, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Prague, Switzerland, Nice, Montpellier… She will share this adventure with their partner Julian Andres and all the NightSwapping hosts that agreed to receive them in their homes along the way. This is the interview she gave us before setting off on her journey.

Who are Ana Parra and Julian Andres ?

We are a couple living in Logrono, I am from Cartagena, Murcia and my name is Ana Parra, but my friends called me Nusky and my boyfriend is called Julián Andrés. I love travelling, dancing and of course, motorcycles.

Tell us more about your journey

This trip is a dream for both of us, my boyfriend dreamed of riding a motorbike throughout Europe and I have always wanted to go on an adventure, meeting new people with different cultures.

Our journey begins in Bordeaux on June 6th. From Bordeaux we’ll go to Paris for my birthday and then to Brussels, Berlin, Munich, Lugano (Switzerland), Nice, Montpellier and Toulouse. We’ll end our trip in Prague on the 21st of June… unless we decide to stay and live in another country! Who knows? Lol.

We have been planning all this since December. My boyfriend suggested it to me and I said “Bring it ooooooon”!
I am brave and daring so I did not hesitate for a second and just said “Let’s go”!
In Prague we will have two days to rest and explore the city and then in Munich we’ll make a family visit… We’ll only spend one night in each of the other cities, so we’ll need to make the absolute most of our time.

You mentioned that this is the first time you planned such a long trip?

Neither of us has ever took off on such a long journey. So it will be a new experience for both of us… I guess we’ll have some setbacks, but I’m sure we’ll be able to laugh them off, because we both really believe that everything will be great, we aren’t getting hung up on possible problems, we haven’t spent any time worrying about them.
You have to be optimistic and think that nothing really bad will happen!!!

What’s your opinion of NightSwapping and are you going to use other platforms on the trip?

It’s the first time we’ve actually used NightSwapping to organize our stays and truth is, our experience with the hosts has been absolutely great so far. The staff at NightSwapping have also been incredible right from the start, providing us with information about the different types of accommodation… the availability…

No, we will not use any other platform as we have all countries covered thanks to NightSwapping and it’s easier to do it all on a single platform.

At the end of the day, there are a lot of advantages to travelling in this way, it is affordable, accessible, and I think that people are going to travel this way more and more often.

We’ll definitely do it again!!!

Thanks Ana, we’d like to thank you for your time and for agreeing to share this adventure with the Nightswapping community. We wish you Bon voyage and hope that you will stay safe and sound on the road. Have a great trip.