Discovering South America with the sharing economy

Discovering South America with the sharing economy: the Globe Swappers’ adventure

The Globe Swappers are four Parisian students who set themselves a challenge: to spend six months in Latin America and discover the continent with the sharing economy. Let’s find out how Roman, Sacha Bellaiche, Anthony and Jullien will travel and share hopping between nine countries.

The project

Roman, Sacha, Anthony and Julien are adamant that using swapping as the driving force behind their journey will help them better understand South American culture and local life. They are putting this into practice in three ways:

  • The swapping chain: the Globe Swappers will leave France with an object representing their country, chosen by internet users. For each memorable meeting, they will swap this iteqm for a new item from the region they are visiting. They will then head off with this new object and swap it again in another region, so creating a swapping chain.
  • Collaborative swapping : travelling by using new ways of swapping from the collaborative economy, like staying with locals, car-sharing or exchanging local currencies, etc.
  • Time swapping: working in associations and communities to help local people.

This way, the Globe Swappers intend to discover new regions through the objects that they swap, with different means of travel and by creating social links with local people by sharing every aspect of their daily lives.

The four students will keep a video journal on their website to share their experiences and tell the story of their adventures, supplemented by a photo gallery of their swapping chain and accounts of their most exciting encounters. When they return to France, they will make a full-length film retracing the links in their swapping chain.



The crowdfunding campaign

To finance their project, the Globe Swappers launched a crowdfunding campaign on the Ulule platform (to top up their savings).

Their campaign was a runaway success and in just a few weeks, they have managed to raise 100% of what they need (5,500€)! And there’s still a month to go before the end of the campaign.

In a nutshell, they managed to raise 12,000€ themselves to finance accommodation costs, food, local transport and equipment, etc. The crowdfunding campaign aims to finance their plane tickets.

We love this kind of project here at Nightswapping, just like the Sharing Bros who we’ve been following since the summer of 2014. We have supported them and helped them nightswap in Latin America whenever we could.

You can follow the Globe Swappers via their website, their Facebook page and their Twitter account. Save the date for the big send-off on 12 February!


Les Globe Swappers - portraits

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