Miriam is from Mendoza, Argentina, together with her husband she hosted NightSwapping travellers and a few months later, they used the nights they earned to travel and stay for free in Europe. Today, in this interview, we are sharing an experience full of emotions and good memories.

In a nutshell…

How did you find out about NightSwapping? What was it that attracted you to our platform? I saw an ad on Facebook, it caught my attention as I was just planning a possible trip, It interested me.

Did you make use of other platforms involved in the collaborative economy? I have just started using these platforms. I have registered with another site which has some points of similarity, but the problem is that they are direct exchanges.

You’re one of our first Argentinian hosts. Could you tell us a little about your first experience receiving guests? The experience was very good. There were no such problems with the guests we received and everything went as planned.

miriam_photo_redesProfile of Miriam on the NightSwapping website


Your trip to Europe

Did you travel with a companion?
Yes, I travelled with my husband, we went all the way through Italy by car, crossing from coast to coast.

What cities were you able to visit thanks to NightSwapping?
we visited Naples, Viterbo, Sassocorvaro, Lucca and Zagreb.

On average, how many nights did you stay with our different hosts. On average, 2 and a half.

What do you think of our members’ hosting skills?
Overall, they were excellent. In some cases they far exceeded our expectations.

Did you have the opportunity to get to know your hosts a bit? Yes! We got to know some of our hosts quite well. In particular we got to know the hosts in Viterbo, Sassocorvaro and Zagreb.

Would you recommend it to other people? Of course I would! It is a very good system and I think that it just takes a bit of practice to choose appropriate options.

Zagreb and Lucca post Lucca and Zagreb – two beautiful cities


Your travel experience as a NightSwapper

Actually, I trusted the system because I thought I knew how to choose people with whom, at least apparently, there was some point of connection (art, language, age, etc.) In the case of Naples, it took a while to get there […] The room was very nice but it had no ventilation and it was too hot to sleep so we asked for a fan. The bathroom, which was tiny, was not like the rest of the room. We only saw Fabrizia in the morning when we left.

The next point was Viterbo. Rosanna , was a wonderful person! In spite of the fact that we communicated a bit in English and a bit in Italian, we got on the same wavelength immediately and she was very friendly. Her house was spectacular and her attentiveness as a host was impeccable. […]. We were really very grateful for her attentiveness.

The next day we crossed Italy to Sassocorvaro, near the east coast. […] Communication with Peter was a little more difficult because he spoke English and mine is not so good, but we managed to understand each other. We were looked after very well; […]. Peter served us breakfast with fruit, homemade breads […]. He also helped us with our tour.

[…] in Lucca. In this case we had the peace of mind of knowing that our host was from a neighbouring country and so we could speak in our own language. We found the home without any problems and arrived about 5 minutes ahead of schedule. Juan was not at home, but we expected this. The first problem was that parking wasn’t allowed there. […]. The bed hadn’t been made and they changed the sheets while we went to park the car. […] Juan was very distant, nothing like what we expected from someone who was almost a compatriot.

Our last stop in Zagreb, was disturbed somewhat by the refugee problem, but Lana was very friendly to us. […], we changed our arrival day without any issues. Then we arrived a little later than planned. Lana not only waited for us but left the whole flat at our disposal. It was a beautiful place, nicely decorated and equipped. […] Wonderful!
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NightSwapping in a nushell

It is a very good zero-cost or very low-cost lodging system, based on the trust generated between suppliers and guests. It is important not to disappoint the expectations of the people who stay as guests.

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