How does a biscuit-tasting club in a car full of total strangers sound? Here at NightSwapping, we can’t lie, we’re sort of intruiged. We can’t help but think that this sounds much more fun than a super long bus journey with extra, unnessecary stops, or an expensive train journey where someone’s sat in your seat, or even an overnight airport kip due to a 5am departure time. We’re sure you agree, so read on to hear more about NightSwapping’s travel tip of the day, that you might not have tried, but have most likely heard of – it’s car sharing… Or more specifically Liftshare, the UK’s biggest carsharing site. 

We’ve got Liftshare expert (!) and Marketing Khaleesi Lex Barber here, to answer our questions today about how it works, how you can benefit from it and some funny scenarios you might find yourself in along the way!

What is Liftshare?

Liftshare is a travel website and matching service. It works in the same way as a bus or train site, where you type in where you’re going to and from, and when. The difference? The results it brings up are people going the same way as you, offering a lift – so you can get in touch and ride with them!

It’s normally cheaper than public transport, and is a great way of making some petrol money back if you’re driving somewhere.

Why would people use Liftshare over using their own car or public transport?

Most people use Liftshare whilst using their own cars, so they can earn money to contribute to their petrol costs as they travel. And public transport just simply doesn’t suit everyone – sometimes you need a door to door service, sometimes you have too much luggage, sometimes it isn’t at convenient times. If you’re anything like me, you probably haven’t made your travel arrangement the three months in advance that a cheap deal requires!

How does it work? Do you have to speak to the person who’s in the car with you?

You can use the site or App to contact drivers going your way and make arrangements to ride with them. It’s definitely recommended to message them a few times to get to know them first, so you can decide where you’re getting picked up or dropped off, whether you want to chat or listen to music, and when you’ll leave. Of course, it’s probably best to check first if you want to spend the whole journey in silence/sleeping/singing. Also, passengers pay online, so there’s no handling cash in front of someone you don’t really know yet.

What do people use Liftshare for most ?

Loads of things! Lots of companies encourage their employees to Liftshare to work to save on parking spaces and cars going to worksites, so there’s lots of commuters on the site. But, we also see a surge in sharing around festival season and during public transport strikes.

Do you ever have any funny stories from customers?

Absolutely loads! We’ve had groups of liftsharers host in-car Christmas parties, sing along to carshare karaoke, and even one group host a biscuit-tasting club during their lifts. The possibilities are endless, and we’re always on the lookout for new liftshare stories.


What’s the best car share you’ve ever done ?

The longest and best was down to London with a guy called Jono and his girlfriend Debby. It was only Norwich to London, which would normally take about 3 hours, but we got caught in traffic and so it took almost 5! But, we had a great time chatting, joking and listening to music. It was still a really fun journey.

What happens if someone cancels or doesn’t turn up?

If your driver cancels the lift before it happens, you’ll receive a full refund and can go ahead and make other arrangements for your trip. If you’re driving, and your passenger doesn’t show (and hasn’t let you know they no longer need the ride), you’ll still receive payment after the lift – so your petrol contribution will go unharmed!

How does it work insurance wise? Am I covered in someone else’s car?

As the driver isn’t making a profit, car insurance is unaffected. The Liftshare system calculates a price based on the miles driven and the petrol consumption, so it’s within the UK legal limit for a petrol contribution, and does not make any profit. Therefore, it’s the same as giving someone a lift for free, and doesn’t affect the hire and reward clause. We’re lucky enough to even have the back-up of the ABI (The Association of British Insurers) who support liftsharing.

So if we got that straight… whether heading to work or festivals or your grandma’s, wanting to chat away or sleep, you can pretty much find a tailor-made lift to get you from A to B without the problems that might frustrate us from time to time on public transport! If you haven’t signed up yet to UK based carsharing service Liftshare, or other carsharing services if you’re not UK based, then I highly recommend you do >>>