After hosting travelers a couple times on NightSwapping, Yohan and his partner decided to set sail across the world to Costa Rica.

Was this your 1st trip with NightSwapping?

No, we spent a few weekends away, visiting different regions of France and neighboring countries. We actually spent 2 nights in Florence, Italy for Easter!
I love discovering new horizons and organizing trips, but when it comes to quick weekend trips it’s nice to be a little spontaneous.

Did you use our “Surprise” search for your trip in Costa Rica?

Haha no, I’m not that spontaneous. But once our itinerary was planned, I thought it would be great to find a NightSwap and stay with a local host! I wasn’t sure I was going to find something but after creating my travel project I came across Paola & Guillermo’s place in San Jose. It was ideal as we had planned to stay in San Jose twice, on our way in and on our way back. I decided to send a request and they answered almost immediately, saying they would be more than happy to welcome us!

It was great to arrive in Costa Rica and stay at a local’s straight away, the immersion was total. Furthermore, we got to ask questions about the country and Guillermo told us where to go/ not go, some tips and places to visit. The 1st NightSwap was such a great experience we decided to make another request for our return trip. It was great and felt like we were visiting friends when we came back.

And what about Costa Rica, how was it?

This country is just amazing, the landscapes and nature are breathtaking, with much diversity from one region to the next. We are big sports fans and love to hike. We got what we were looking for with trails in the mountains, forest and along the cost. We saw birds of all shapes and colors but didn’t end up seeing the whales as the timing/ weather were off (following Guillermo’s advice)… maybe next time!

There is so much to say and as pictures speak a thousand words, I’ll let them do the talking 🙂

Any other destinations in mind?

I would really like to continue exploring South America… Colombia or Argentina maybe. I had a quick look and saw some places available there so I’ll add them to my wishlist for next time. Meeting Paolo & Guillermo was such a good experience and made our trip just that much better. Can’t wait to take off again and meet more NightSwappers along the way!

Feel like taking off on an adventure of your own with NightSwapping?

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