NightSwapping is an innovative accommodation platform who allows people worldwide to stay at other people’s place for free, but also to earn money commission-free.

How is it possible ?

It’s really simple, the concept is based on a Wallet system. Every time you host, you receive in it the total amount of the price you set for your accommodation. The host has the right to set the price he feels to be appropriate (to which he can add a service price, or adapt it based on the dates and the number of travelers). The inscription is free and without commission.

NightSwapping wants to reward his travelers’ loyalty as well, so that they can save as much money as possible. The traveler receives, at every trip, 10% of the price of his booking in his Wallet.

In the two cases, the Wallet can be used in two ways:

  • The first option consists in transferring the money into your bank account (commission free).
  • The second one is to use it to travel (without booking fees).

This way, you have the possibility to travel cheaper or even freely.

In a couple, with one’s family, students or professionals… the site is open to all kinds of travelers, whether it’s a business trip, a one-night stay or some weeks-long holiday.


NightSwapping is the opportunity to live a positive, local and authentic experience, whether you are host or traveler. Moreover, thanks to its trusted community and its free insurance Allianz, finding an accommodation with NightSwapping has become the best way to do what we love the most : travelling and discovering the world, all by saving money.

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