Wherever you are travelling to, even it is for a weekend or for a long vacation, the budget allocated to transport can be very high. Being a nightswapper, it is impossible to overlook this expenditure that often totalize 30% of your holidays budget. It is now a necessity to combine our travel needs and our restricted budget, therefore we are more and more to look for good deals for transportation, be they individual or collective.


Travelling by train

It is the perfect way to arrive in the center of the city, but the train can still be quite expensive, especially last minute tickets. On top of that we can’t predict the rates of train companies, they even are mysterious.

Fortunately, there are still 3 solutions to travel by train in France:

  • Solution rate ‘Premium’ of SNCF to have seats starting at 20 euros
  • The website Troc des Trains who allows you to use resell tickets of SNCF
  • On the website Ouigo who has limited trains but is by far the cheapest way

Travelling by car

Carsharing, carsharing, and more carsharing. As a passenger or a driver, you can use several websites to take the road, whether for free or not. The only pitfall you might have, and which is difficult to avoid with this kind of transport is summer traffic jam. But, rest assured, carpoolers’ humor is contagious, and it makes your journey less monotonous!


“Soft” transportation”

High prices, poorly maintained metro, difficult to get to neighborhoods… Even if the big cities have done a lot in the past years, public transportation isn’t always what it should be. They might even become tourists’ worst nightmare… Some of us have decided to switch towards a cheaper, ‘softer’ mode of transportation, namely the bicycle. Most major cities have had, for several years now, their own ‘self-service-bicycle’. This Wikipedia page lists all ‘self-service-bicycle’ services that exist worldwide.


Travelling by plane

Even with the rise of low cost flights, travelling by plane can still be very costly. However, experienced travelers who know where to search for, can find cheap tickets. The perfect moment to purchase a plane ticket would be 2 months in advance, Thursday afternoon or very early in the morning (5AM). Finally, consider using price comparison website like Skyscanner.