What happens when two people who love travel, art and nature get together? The answer and the result will be discovered one step at a time as the project “Nomads – Destination Unknown” progresses. NightSwapping wanted to accompany these two beautiful people, who will travel thousands of highways and byways in Argentina in search of beauty in all its senses. The protagonists, Mili and Mati, wanted to talk a little more about their adventure.

1.Let’s get to know you 

We are a couple (Mili from Cordoba Capital and Mati from Buenos Aires), we are passionate about art, nature and the unknown that we find every day in this world.

We work in graphic design and audiovisual production and through this project we shall be able to travel and continue working on what we like, producing content based on our trip and showing the world what we love and the motivation for our nomadic lifestyle.

The trip is primarily because we want to do what we like and ENJOY EVERY DAY dedicating hours, days, months, years and everything else necessary.

We like art, nature, adventure and that’s our idea of being nomads, being a couple who go out into the world to live life and to do what moves us.


2. Tell us more about your project

The full name is Nomad – Destination Unknown and this gives rise to uncertainty.
The journey does not have a fixed duration or a set itinerary as its essence is the idea of going with the flow and that life itself will take the reins. We do it because, as we said before, we want to ENJOY EVERY DAY and have new adventures, new moments and new memories. We shall also be able to grow in our field since both of us are immersed in the world of image and sound. The reason, or rather the “excuse”, for the trip, is to show the different places that the world gifts to us because many people do not know they exist. We are taking our equipment and going out to record moments, adventures and the everyday in hidden, new and wonderful places.
We are going in search of “that place” that only a child, a young person or an old local can help us to discover.

3. How did you get the idea?

Ever since we first met (4 years ago) we knew we would go traveling together, it is part of our essence.
There was not much to think about or talk about, from one day to the other, we just started to make our plans.

4. What do you hope to encounter on the road?

We hope to encounter a variety of stories, people and places. Learn about new cultures, lifestyles and ways of thinking. We want to live in nature and to relate better to the environment.

5. You’re going to use the collaborative economy during your trip. What will they offer you?

The collaborative economy will help sustain part of the trip.
This way of travelling is very fulfilling. Because of it, people go out into the world in another way, today not having money, somewhere to stay or a travelling partner are no longer excuses.
With both Tripda and NightSwapping people greet you with open arms to share their home or their trip and that encourages exchange.
There’s lots of positive energy and you get to know people who you then meet in other places and in many cases until you establish ties of friendship.
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6. Are you going to use other collaborative platforms?

For the moment we are using these two platforms, which are very extensive.

7. Where can we follow you?

On our official webpage: www.nomada.com.ar
On our official Facebook: www.facebook.com/nomadadestinoincierto
On Instagram: www.instagram.com/nomadadestinoincierto
On the website Visiting Argentina: www.visitingargentina.com
On social networks and your blog: www.nightswapping.com


8. How do you feel about the return trip?

There will be no return trip, we shall no longer be who we are now.
NightSwapping, sponsor of Nomads: Destination Unknown, wishes you a great trip full of experiences, moments and stories and, above all, a lot of beauty.