Do you consider to Nightswap? Discover our 10 tips to have a first successful host and guest experience.

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The kind of home you’ll choose

Guestroom, house, apartment… before taking contact with a nightswapper, we advise you to think about which kind of accommodation you prefer. For example, a house can be very nice for the garden, but will most likely not be situated in the city center.

Serendipity you’ll accept

Being a nightswapper also means ‘being guided by current offers’. You may discover destinations you would have never thought of, and you may host guest from cities you didn’t even know existed!

Your place you’ll open up

Nightswapper, it’s at the same time being a host and a guest. Besides, to become a nightswapper, you need to put on the costume of a host, one day or the other!

Reactive you’ll be

Responding shortly to nightswappers’ email is a crucial in the success of nightswaps. The ideal time of response is within 24 hours.

English you’ll give a try

Il will be easier for foreigners if you would speak some English. For the writing part, you can use translation website. For speaking though, it would be better if you would know some basic expressions to facilitate the communication.

Interesting deals you’ll share

One of the interesting things about Nightswapping is that you can get personalized good deals from your hosts. Being a nightswapper you will be asked to share information about your city and the areas. Good deals, nice restaurants, bars, places to go to … be generous with your recommendations!

An open mind you’ll preserve

Traveling abroad means that you’ll often be confronted with different cultures. When it happens, try to remain open-minded and tell yourself that those differences are an asset and not an obstacle. Let yourself go and enjoy those small things that give charm to your journey!

Privacy you’ll respect

As a host or as a traveller, always respect the privacy of those you host or who accommodate you. Being a Nightswapper doesn’t mean you need to share everything. Have respect for each other’s boundaries and don’t invade the living space of your host or your guest.

Cleanliness, you won’t forget

If we do not all have the same standard for cleaning a place, a minimum of hygiene still remains an absolute must have. Before hosting a nightswapper, make sure to take the time to clean the apartment and make sure that towels and sheets are in reach. The same goes for the guest: before handing over the keys, make sure you’re leaving everything behind the same way you’ve found it!

Feedback, you’ll give

Based on a feedback system, Nightswapping implies that you give objective feedback on your nightswaps.

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Here you go, you now have all the information you need to become a great nightswapper! If you have any other advice to add, please do not hesitate to put a comment on this post!