Across the Americas thanks to sharing economy

From Canada to Brazil: 6 months at the pace of #Collcons with The Sharing Bros

On July 17th, Ivan, Rodolphe and Mathieu headed off for a 6 months experience in the world of sharing. Through 15 countries, from Canada to Brazil, they are about to cover 21,000 km using collaborative services only: peer to peer renting, co-working, couchsurfing, carsharing, learn sharing… The goal? Discovering the 1001 faces of collaborative consumption!

The project

This long journey across the Americas is about discovering these individuals coming from many different backgrounds and who use collaborative services. Who is really behind this new way of living? What are their motivation, their story?

To have you discover these faces of collaborative consumption, the Sharing Bros will share about everything: cars, couchs, meals, labour, their meetings and acquaintances…and all their passion to discover what’s behind this trend. They went to meet these people who have a different approach to the economy, in 15 countries, 15 cultures, 15 landscapes. And they will share it with us through a web series!

Made off 12 videos, this web series will tell our 3 fellows’ adventures: “We take you with us in our backpacks, for you to experience our adventure, our chances and discoveries, our bluesy moments and great encounters! Because it’s gonna be rock’n’roll! We will try out these new ways to creating value, interacting and living this for 6 months! We are going to thumb a lift and share a few miles with Jake, a truck driver from California, ride through part of Mexico with Pedro, father of 4, sleep at Paolo’s in Sao-Paulo, eat at Alvares’ in the middle of the Andes, plant bananas in Argentina in exchange for hospitality, learn how to surf with James in Nicaragua… And most certainly have our share of troubles as well!”

And that’s not it. At the end of this trip, a documentary will be made out of their experience to get a better understanding of collaborative consumption.

The Team

Aged 24, our 3 travelers are friends from high school. They all went through a Business training and lived abroad. As they wanted to take on a long trip, they put this trek together with collaborative consumption as leitmotiv. Getting a chance to uncover the role of individuals within the sharing economy was what got them motivated with this project.
Already using concepts like Airbnb and Couchsurfing, they went a long way to organize this trip, through conferences, events like the OuiShare Fest 2014, meetings with journalists, travelers, entrepreneurs…and have now become real experts of the collaborative tourism !

 The crowdfunding campaign

To fund this project, The Sharing Bros launched a participative fundraising campaign on the Ulule platform (in addition to some savings): netizens could (and still can!) donate in exchange for compensations offered by the trio.
And it has been quite a success: within a week, they collected 100% of the sum requested (4 100€)! Currently, over 6 600€ were collected to support them and there are still 2 days left before the end of the campaign.
To sum it up, they were able to gather 21,000€ by themselves and got 6,600€ through this participative fundraising campaign to buy video equipments.


At Cosmopolit Home, we are fans! Collaborative platforms enthusiasts, we have to admit that we’d love to slip into their backpack and share this experience with them.

The Sharing Bros

Thank you to you all and have yourself a great trip!
Check out their adventure on their website, their Facebook page or Twitter account!





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