From beginning to end, this month March is full of surprises. It starts off with the Sant Medir celebration, followed by International Women’s Day, the Barcelona Beer Festival, the Zurich Barcelona Marathon and ends with Palm Sunday. Keep on reading to find out more.

Sant Medir: a party where sugar takes the stage

sant_medir_marsThe origin of this religious pilgrimage dates back to 1828, when the Catalonian pastry chef Josep Vidal i Granes made a promise to Sant Medir: if he was cured of his illness, he would return to the shrine of Saint of Collserola Mountain on horseback every 3rd of March, proclaiming his promise to the entire village.
This is how family members and neighbors began uniting year after year behind the tail of Vidal’s horse. Unfortunately in 1853, the artisan passed away, but his oath was not forgotten. Today, the landmark is remembered thanks to the festival of Sant Medir, where 26 Catalonian acrobats travel by horseback and car to the site of the shrine, launching tons of caramels along Gran de Gracia street. A very sweet and popular festival, above all for the little ones.


El BBF : Barcelona Beer Festival

With the goal of spreading the culture and quality of artisanal beer, the Barcelona Beer Festival is set for its fourth anniversary from the 13th to the 15th of March at the Maritime Museum in Barcelona. More than 300 different artisanal beers and quality foods, activities, and concerts await you during those three days. And remember, drink in moderation.


Run for a good cause


The 37th Zurich Barcelona Marathon takes places next March 15 and this year has 41 available provision points for runners, passers-by, and locals.
During the last event, more than 18,000 runners from all nationalities met up to run 42 kilometers (26.2 miles) together. This year, many more participants are expected, plus runners can create a challenge to sponsor themselves and raise money for the following organization: Run the Zurich Barcelona Marathon on your own or as a group and help support many! [divider][/divider]

Vintage Car Rally between Sitges and Barcelona

If you are walking through the streets of Barcelona or along the coastline of Sitges on the 21st of March, don’t be surprised if you return to the past. This weekend, the 57th International Barcelona-Sitges Car Rally takes place and will surely rev up more than just a smile.
In this colorful vintage car show more than 80 vehicles manufactured before 1925 will participate driven by owners that live their passion to the max. Get your camera ready to shoot, this rally and the atmosphere is a good time guaranteed. [divider][/divider]

Palm Sunday: Beginning of Easter Week

monas_depascua_marsThe celebration of Palm Sunday begins the Easter week processions, a period in which the Passion, Death, and Resurrection of Christ is celebrated. In this celebration, parishioners holding olive branches in their hands remember the triumphant arrival of Christ of Nazareth in Jerusalem and carry out processions throughout the entire city. This celebration also gives rise to gastronomic delights with sweets as the main protagonists. The best pastry shops in Barcelona are adorned for the occasion and fill their store windows with traditional bread, Easter eggs, delicious sweet breads and above all the Easter roscas, a typical Catalonian pastry awaited all year around. Historically, the arrival of the rosca put an end to the fasting period and was a gift from godparents to their godchildren. Today, this dessert makes for a delicious breakfast and snack, forming a great challenge for the Catalonian pastry chefs that each year attempt to create the most beautiful, delicious, and creative rosca.


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