Reverse search box, favourite list … you get it, our new site offers lots of new functionalities for travellers. We have created this step by step guide to help you understand each of the functionality.

I create my travel plan

My travel plan

Go to the « Host » section and click on « Create a travel plan ».



I choose my destination and my dates

If you don’t have idea where you want to go, click on « Surprise me » or « I know my destination » and select your search criteria.


For your travel date, you can select specific dates when you would like to travel. You can discuss with the host and organize your NightSwap.



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You can create up to 10 travel plans ;

  • If you want to go back to an existing travel plan, click on « suggestions » to visualise the list of properties available ;
  • To archive your travel plans, click on the grey « cog » icon on the right and click on  « Archive » ;
  • To permanently delete your archived projects, click on « Archive », then « Edit » and finally « Edit ».

Manage my Wishlist

Create my selection

If you like an accommodation, click on the heart icon on the top right corner of the property. The colour of the icon will change from grey to red. All the adverts you have selected will automatically be stored in your Wishlist.



Organise my Wishlist

To visualise and retrieve my selected adverts, just click on the link « Wishlist »
If you want to unselect an advert, just simply click on the red heart icon. The advert will disappear from your Wishlist !



I contact the hosts

Go to your Wishlist, get in touch with the hosts by sending them a message.

We recommend you to present yourself and explain clearly what your travel plan is. It is important to instaure a trusted relation with your future host.



If you travel regularly with NightSwapping hosts, you can also earn nights. These nights will be available in your NightWallet after 2 successful stays.

You will be able to use them for either traveling, or for converting them into money.


  • 1st NightSwap = 4 Nights worth 50€/Night, you earn 5% of 200€ which will be 10€.
  • 2nd NightSwap = 2 Nights worth 100€/Night, you earn 5% of 200€ which will be 10€.

The money (20€) will be transferred to your NightWallet, so that you can use it to travel or to convert it into money.

To know more about messages, please have a look here:

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