Often seen as an anti-crisis solution, collaborative consumption also is an alternative to traditional consumption patterns. Driven by the potential of the Internet, many players have entered this market over the past few years, particularly in the tourism sector.

Every day, more and more travellers seek authentic and out-of-the-box experiences that they can share with locals. These new actors offer numerous possibilities: savings on holiday budgets, getting to know locals and other travellers, living new experiences… Whether for lodging, dining, traveling or visiting… you can now organize a 100% collaborative holiday.
While some are well known to the public (Couchsurfing, Airbnb, Blablacar…) others are just emerging all over the world.

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Infographic #tourism #sharingeconomy

To have a better grasp of it, we identified all the actors who could play an important role in your next holiday’s organisation. They all contribute to the development of more human, more authentic and more engaging tourism, and have at heart the happiness of their respective communities.

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Infographie tourisme collaboratif, consommation collaborative