Saving during Christmas is often difficult. December is the most expensive month of the year: gifts, dinners, holidays…

Most of the consumers are afraid they cannot afford this extras and holidays are often sacrificed.
But now, because of NightSwapping, you can travel without spending money.

What is NightSwapping?

logoNightSwapping is the first platform to offer night swapping, which allows you to travel in an authentic and economic way in an homestay, with or without the presence of the owner. The hosts welcome members at their home and win nights, they will be able to use them for staying to other members of the community, wherever in the world.

How much does it cost?

moneyEvery stay cost only £9,90 for booking fees whatever the length of the stay and the number of guests. An insurance which is offered automatically guarantees the security of the hosts and the travelers without additional fees.

If a member cannot host or just wants to try the concept, he can purchase nights between £7 and £49 depending of the accommodation, directly to NightSwapping.


NightSwapping with figures:

figuresMore than 180.000 members in 160 countries.




Welcome to NightSwapping! Create your travel project, make a request and enjoy this Xmas!