This section will help you to find all you need to know about your profile and listing. 


Your profile

A trusted profile

Your profile on NightSwapping is your passport to travel. Without a complete profile, you will not be able to send requests.

Below is advice on how to create a trusted profile and increase your chances of finding a NightSwap.

Your profile picture

Try and look as friendly as possible.

The purpose of a profile picture is to show your face to other NightSwappers. Photos of landscapes, cooked meals or any photo where your face is not clearly visibile will not be accepted by our Member Service.

Your description and hobbies

In a few words, describe what you like about NightSwapping, your personality, hobbies, etc… Also remember to add the languages you speak so members know how to communicate with you.

Here is the example of a good profile description:

Your listing

How can I make my listing more attractive?

Before going online, your listing will be moderated by our NightSwap coaches.

Complete your listing and increase your chances of finding a NightSwap! Here are a few tips to make your listing more attractive. If you follow these guidelines, you will be hosting in no time.

The title of your listing

In just a few words, the title must describe your place, geographical location and the main nearby activities (mountain, beaches, museums, etc…)

The description of your place and equipments

Travelers like reading details about your place to get an idea of the environment in which they will be staying.

Therefore the description must be detailed enough to give additional information about the place but also stay concise to maintain everyone’s attention.

Concentrate on the follow points:

  • A detailed description of your accommodation
  • A description of your neighborhood
  • Any potential rules (ex: non smoker, no noise after 10pm, etc…)

Also remember to let travelers know what equipments are available at your place by selecting them in the list of equipments.

Add photos to your listing

A listing without any photos will not be published online.

Indeed, photos allow you to present your accommodation. The traveler’s opinion is mainly based on what he sees so try to make your place look nice.

In terms of quantity, you should upload at least ten photos and make sure they are of good quality (5mo max).

Photo tips

Use the Landscape frame as much as possible


For photos of interior spaces, take them during the day and avoid using your flash


Turn the lights on to give the room a nice effect


If you use the flash, make sure the light will not reflect in a mirror


Try using different angles by climbing on a chair on kneeling down


Avoid focusing your photo on a window, you might get a dark photo of your interior


Also take photos without looking through the lens to use the most distance possible


Use several angles and zoom on a few details

Update your calendar

It is important to fill in your availability in your calendar so travelers don’t send you requests for dates when you cannot host.

Once you’re done listing your place on NightSwapping, you will be redirected towards your calendar. Two options are possible:

  • Calendar entirely available by default: your calendar is completely available and you fill in the dates you can’t host.
  • Calendar entirely unavailable by default: your calendar is completely unavailable and you fill in the dates you can host.

To update your calendar, select the first and last date when you are available/ unavailable to host and the change will automatically be taken into account.

However, if you select dates as “available” to host, you commit to responding to every request, even when it’s to decline. It is important to answer every traveler to avoid any frustration and allow them to move on with the planning of their trip.

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