ZesTrip is a marketplace where Travelers can browse and book tours and activities provided by Local Experts, without intermediaries. The idea comes from a holiday in Laos of Andrea who, thanks to the meeting with a local, had the chance to live a truly unique experience, away from the main tourist track. The website has been growing fast in Italy, where today there are over 700 activities to try, in about 50 cities.

What is Zestrip?

It’s a marketplace where people can publish, discover, and book tours and activities. Travelers who are tired of mass tourism and love the innovative concept that underpins business models such as AirBnB and Uber, can find carefully selected Local Experts via Zestrip, chat with them and book their acivities.

What kind of activities do your Locals propose?

Our Local Experts offer activities for everyone: from art and cultural tours to outdoor activities, from fashion tours to cooking class, home dinners, and much more. A variety of activities you just cannot find by contacting a traditional tour operator. A few examples? Esther, young tour guide, offers a food tour in Trastevere where you can taste the excellence of local products. Davide, expert canoeist, organizes tours of Venice by kayak. Monia, personal chef, offers home dinners and cooking classes at her own house.

How can people become a Local Expert ?

Our Local Experts are tour guides, mountain or environmental guides, sportsmen, personal shoppers, experienced chefs, professional photographers, designers, craftsmen, architects, and so on. What you need to become a Local Expert are a proved skill, and the will to share it in order to turn the ordinary vacation of a traveller into something really special. Becoming a Local Expert is very simple: you just have sign up to the “Become a Local” page and upload your activities.

What do you think about the sharing economy ?

I think the sharing economy is among the most interesting economy trends so far and it represents the future of the tourism sector. In recent years, the tourism industry has faced a change in the relation between travellers and travel agencies leading to a progressively disintermediation. I believe that thanks to the sharing economy our travel experiences will become more unique, and more authentic.

Future prospects ?

To have Local Experts all around Europe!

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